Fire Safety


Fire Safety

Water based fire suppression systems utilize the inexpensive and readily available medium of water to discharge onto flames through a normally fixed piping system.

There are different ways in which fire safety can be installed based on the application and site requirement. The hazard / risk to be protected will determine the most suitable type of system you need. A firefighting system that is properly installed and maintained can provide protection against loss of life and property in the event of a fire.

Fire Alarm System

A Fire alarm system is designed to detect the early signs of fire by processing the inputs from the field devices, to notify the occupants to evacuate the premises using audio visual triggers & to call for help from emergency services when it has determined that an alarm condition is warranted.

Conventional fire alarm systems are capable of indicating the Zone or Area while addressable fire alarm systems can indicate the exact Location or Detector from where the Fire is Detected. The central monitoring stations are notified about the emergency using auto dialers, which use standard communication means such as telephone line or gsm technology.

Automated FireFite Aerosol System

FAS – Condensed aerosol fire suppression is a UL Listed and Certified, Military grade, Emerson Group particle-gas based form of fire extinction system. The aerosol employs a fire extinguishing agent consisting of very fine solid particles and gaseous matter to extinguish fires. The condensed aerosol micro particles and effluent gases are generated by the exothermic reaction. They are cooled and “condensed” within the device and discharged as a combination of gaseous and solid particles.

Intrusion Alarm System

An intrusion alarm system keeps you protected from any break-in by raising an alarm & by alerting you via the Central Monitoring Station at the slightest hint of an unauthorized entry. The intrusion detection systems have caught the eye of the market in the last few years as efficient ways of ensuring the security of people & of course your valuables.


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