Commmercial Automation

Boardroom Automation

Commercial Automation

Enhance your business meeting with a state of the art board room. We are able to seamlessly integrate the various systems to automate your workplace, from projectors to lighting to video & audio conferencing and overall control of the entire integrated system.

Audio Conferencing System

Audio Conference Systems are different from other alternate means of audio conversation because of its ability to have multi-party conferences between not only individuals, but groups, with in-built features such as AEC i.e. audio echo cancellation & GSM noise cancellation. Modern wireless conference phones give users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement & accessibility as you can use your mobile phone as the communication link and enjoy the quality standard of a network based audio conference system.

Video Conferencing System

Video Conferencing provides a natural communication experience of face-to-face conversations using real-time two-way high definition audio video transmission over the network. It is used to collaborate with colleagues across the globe, clients, suppliers & business associates & to facilitate distance training sessions across different parts of the world. Meetings can be recorded and documents, presentations & graphics can also be processed & exchanged online jointly.

Room Scheduling

Trying to sort out a meeting room can be so frustrating! Are you sick of turning up for a meeting to find the room has already been booked by someone? Now look no more! With Room Scheduler, booking a meeting room is at your fingertips. Make the reservation process easier for your team. Search for available space or view information on booking availability and submit the room requests directly from our Interactive displays or through your phone.

Popup Boxes

Ergonomically designed pop-up boxes provide real ease of use and rapid connection solutions for mobile applications such as PCs, mobile phones, audio and video systems. Users have a choice of high and low current desk or floor-mounted (raised access or concrete floors) connections for immediate use.

Interactive Projectors

Make any presentation surface interactive using ultra-short-throw interactive projectors. That’s right you don’t even need an interactive whiteboard now to create an interactive training or meeting room. One piece of equipment does the job of three or four. These projectors combine the roles of projectors, interactive whiteboards and paper flipcharts in one multi-purpose, integrated system. Simple and straightforward to use, the projectors have an intuitive user-friendly on-screen toolbar, and advanced features for flexible presenting.

Interactive TV

Boardrooms and Training centers often demand more dynamic tools than just power point presentations to ensure that the message is well received by the audience. Similar to Interactive Projectors, use of Interactive TVs benefits in showing presentations and information and gives you the ability to share notes/slides digitally at the end of the session. Take your Smart TV to another level.

Video Walls

A video wall consists of scalable modular displays with narrow bezels tiled together in order to form one large & virtually seamless screen, with the ability to customize tile layouts, unbelievable image uniformity & superior image quality. We can offer you a wide range of solutions for your requirements in advertising command & control or other special arenas. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, DLP tiles, & rear projection screens.

Digital Signage

Spread your brand awareness & generate sales, replace traditional way finding techniques, notice board or timetable signage. Communal areas, such as receptions, lift lobbies & coffee areas can be equipped with audio visual displays & digital signage. Displays can be creatively & aesthetically integrated with reception area furniture creating a great first impression of the establishment.


EPABX stands for electronic private automatic branch exchange. PBXs make connections among the internal telephones of a private network – business or home – and also connect them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via trunk lines, thus facilitating internal communications and making switching and routing calls within the internal network conveniently possible. We offer range of PBX systems for any combination requirement of lines & extensions. An IP-PBX allows you to place calls using a network instead of the standard public switched telephone network. No modern establishment can be thought of today without EPABX.


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